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Why I Started a Blog

Hey Strangers, It's me again, how are you all? I hope life has been treating you well, as it has been treating me, and that you all are growing and embracing life. I'm happy to report I have been happily living and working in Minneapolis for the last four months, thoroughly submersed in a new… Continue reading Why I Started a Blog

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Life in Seasons

I don't know about all of you, but my life just keeps hitting me with unexpected twists and turns every few months. And I get it, being newly out of college, this is naturally going to be a time of immense change and challenge, but sometimes (most times) it can all feel a bit too… Continue reading Life in Seasons

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Notes on New England

Having a fair bit of time here in New England now, I feel that I finally have some merrit in writing this post. Although I have not experienced the optimal exploration seasons yet, I'm sure I will update you all on my adventures as they come. For now, let's just talk initial impressions. Amidst my… Continue reading Notes on New England

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Thoughts on Moving

Hey everybody, Sorry I've been a little MIA lately but I've been in a bit of life transition as I started working part time at a retail store to fill my "in between" period of trying to find a Big Girl Job. Time is a bit more crunched now and between pouring into friendships, maintaining… Continue reading Thoughts on Moving

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On Learning a Language Abroad

Moving abroad for the first time and don't know the language in your new country? Picking up and doing it anyways? Yeah, that's what I did. And let me tell you, it'sĀ  uncomfortable as heck and will push you in so many ways at first but, feels so rewarding at the end of it all.… Continue reading On Learning a Language Abroad

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My Experience in the Foreign Workplace

  If you're abroad for a while like me, it really only makes sense that you are going to seek some sort of volunteering, internship, or work experience eventually. Not only does it balance your time, but it helps you dive deeper into the culture and may also earn you a little extra cash (which… Continue reading My Experience in the Foreign Workplace