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Lima- 4 Days in Peru’s Capital

After having the chance to visit Sao Paulo (see previous entry), I got the travel bug and wanted to again get out of the city. Since we had a full week of vacation after the intensive and SP only took up four of those days, immediately after returning I went to my study center and… Continue reading Lima- 4 Days in Peru’s Capital

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London and Characters

London, a place that is highly romanticized and something I feel all Americans dream of going. The English are our colonizing forefathers and proper cousins across the pond who still like tea when we still don't. I remember thinking of London for the first time in middle school and fantasizing about the day I would… Continue reading London and Characters

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The French Riviera and Venice: A Trip to Remember

France, Spring of 2016. When I was going through a particularaly tough year amidst the broken chaos of a parents divorce, two school transfers, a stressful job, and an uncertain identity. In a time when I didn’t know much about what brought me joy, I did know travel was something I desperately longed for. For the… Continue reading The French Riviera and Venice: A Trip to Remember

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Thoughts on Moving

Hey everybody, Sorry I've been a little MIA lately but I've been in a bit of life transition as I started working part time at a retail store to fill my "in between" period of trying to find a Big Girl Job. Time is a bit more crunched now and between pouring into friendships, maintaining… Continue reading Thoughts on Moving

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Pro Packing Tips From An Overpacker’s Perspective

Packing, no matter how big or small, has the capacity to make or break a trip for you. Pack too much and you're stuck lugging around stuff you don't need and you'll end up resenting your bag and past self for thinking all this stuff was necessary, or pack too little and you're stuck having… Continue reading Pro Packing Tips From An Overpacker’s Perspective

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Cultural Notes from an American Perspective

If you've seen literally anything from my blog, you know that I have been traveling around quite a bit lately. As I travel to corners of the world, its inevitable to pick up on cultural differences in each place, but I've also been challenged to think of the differences from a particularly American perspective. I… Continue reading Cultural Notes from an American Perspective

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Dublin and Greater Ireland- 4 Day Itinerary

I have been so excited to write this post! Y'all, let me tell you how beautiful Ireland is, and how much spirit lies in it's people! I could shout it from the rooftops because I truly think this country is severely underrated in how amazing it is. Let me tell you right off the bat,… Continue reading Dublin and Greater Ireland- 4 Day Itinerary

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A Guide to Brazilian Carnaval

Ah Carnaval, that magical time of the year that makes Rio one of the top destinations in the world. I've been so excited to return for this special event and experience the energy that sparks throughout the whole city! The "official" start date of carnaval is on the Friday before Lent begins, when the mayor… Continue reading A Guide to Brazilian Carnaval

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A Weekend Guide to Sao Paulo

Way back when in my first few months of Brazil, I had the awesome opportunity to go to the mega city of Sao Paulo for a weekend with my program after my intensive classes were complete. Technically it was "for free" but we all know it was indirectly paid for by my insane tuition fees.… Continue reading A Weekend Guide to Sao Paulo

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My European Whirlwind: Tips on How I Planned It

Hello again everyone! Hope you all are enjoying the warm sun and taking advantage of all the fun summer brings. As some of you know, I took advantage of some European sun this month and went on a dreamy twenty day vacation across the pond. I know some of you think its crazy to do… Continue reading My European Whirlwind: Tips on How I Planned It