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Brazilian Beach Culture

Beach culture in Brazil. This is a post I have been excited to write but have found myself putting off because of my inability to perfectly define the feel of the beaches here. Lately, I have gotten in the habit of walking 5 miles along the main strip/boardwalk/sidewalk that harbors thousands of natives and tourists… Continue reading Brazilian Beach Culture

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Ilha Grande- A weekend in Paradise

  If you're traveling within Rio and find you need a change of pace for the weekend, Ilha Grande is one of the top-most rated places by both tourists and locals to go visit for some serious relaxation. Crystal clear waters, shallow lagoons, white sand, tropical rainforest, this island is the epitome of an oasis.… Continue reading Ilha Grande- A weekend in Paradise

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Brazilian Favelas and How Foreigners Should Treat Them

So, if you're reading this post you may be thinking "what the heck is a Favela?" Well, if you ever want to or are thinking of soon visiting Rio de Janeiro, favelas are am important part of Brazilian culture to be aware of. First things first, a favela is first and foremost a neighborhood. These are… Continue reading Brazilian Favelas and How Foreigners Should Treat Them