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A Quarantine Update

You ask me how I’ve been? How have I been in the last seven months… now that’s a loaded question. 2020 has been quite a shocking year, to say the least, and I know I am not the only one acutely feeling this. In fact, I know I am not even close to feeling how… Continue reading A Quarantine Update

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Why You Don’t Need Expensive Gear To Hike

If you're anything like me, your wintertime daydreams usually involve a nice sunny day, a good pair of boots, and a mountain trail to hike. Before living in Colorado my freshman year of college, I had never seen the mountains before and thus didn't know what I was missing. Now all that has changed! I… Continue reading Why You Don’t Need Expensive Gear To Hike

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Unmissable Locations in Argentina

People often ask me what my favorite place I've traveled to has been, and although it's a loaded question, I most often gravitate toward Argentina. Taking multiple passes through the country, I've been seen the many forms of Argentina from North to South in both city and country. Not only are the cities beautiful and… Continue reading Unmissable Locations in Argentina

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Colorado: A Western Frontier

Lately I've been on a kick of reading adventure novels. Stories from all over the world about people climbing mountains, trekking across continents, and leaving everything but the essentials behind in pursuit of the great outdoors. Currently I'm reading Desert Solitaire, and have been transported into the red rock canyons of Arches National Park in… Continue reading Colorado: A Western Frontier

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The Ultimate Three-Day Guide to Bariloche, Argentina

Hello everyone! It's good to be able to sit down and write again! I was worried I wouldn't  have the opportunity to write until I got home because my computer decided to not work for over a week. Alas, it now has decided it is ready again and has allowed me to actually open up… Continue reading The Ultimate Three-Day Guide to Bariloche, Argentina

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Another Patagonia Guide

So, you're thinking about going to Patagonia? Well, you've come to the right place. With the sweeping mountain views, glaciers, and crystal blue lakes, this region offers some of the best natural wonders in the world! Pictures simply will not do it justice, which I learned after taking about ten thousand of them... I continuously… Continue reading Another Patagonia Guide