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The Minneapolis Guide

Ah Minne, my home through and through. Though I've been living here for almost all of my life, I've noticed in the last few years a significant increase in Minnesotan pride and as I've traveled outside of the state and talked to other Americans, I can see that Minnesota truly possessed something unique apart from… Continue reading The Minneapolis Guide

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Belo Horizante and Inhotim: Brazilian Gems

Hey kids, This post has unrightfully been put on my back burner, for some reason never drawing on my inspiration even though Inhotim was actually one of my top highlights for my entire year abroad. But, here we are, when inspiration has struck and Belo Horizonte memories linger in my mind. This trip, taken with… Continue reading Belo Horizante and Inhotim: Brazilian Gems

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5 Films to Help Understand Brazilian Culture

Hey y'all! Hope you're all doing well. I've been very focused the last few weeks on applying to jobs and settling back into home. Not to make you all think I'm pining over Brazil, but I had this film post idea that was a bit out of the box for me, but still exciting so… Continue reading 5 Films to Help Understand Brazilian Culture