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Top Ten Brazilian Destinations You Don’t Want to Miss!

So, you're thinking of going to Brazil are you? Or, maybe more accurately just thinking about getting out of wherever you have been since COVID hit. Whether reading this post is for planning, research, or a mental escape, it goes without saying: Please do not travel until it is safe to do so in light… Continue reading Top Ten Brazilian Destinations You Don’t Want to Miss!

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A Year After Rio

Wow, isn't that a scary title?  A whole year since my time in Rio ended! It's honestly felt like a blink. This year has brought so many different surprises I've barely been able to keep my head on straight! Since last April, I have either moved locations or moved jobs every three months up until… Continue reading A Year After Rio

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How I Overcame Opposition to Study Abroad

It's no secret study abroad is one of the best experiences out there for college students. It enhances much more than your degree, it changes you as a person and helps you grow in ways you never knew you needed to grow in. Now months after my graduation, I attribute so much of my professionalism… Continue reading How I Overcame Opposition to Study Abroad

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Attending a Foreign University

Hello everyone! It's me again giving you insight into my crazy life I lived in South America... One of the biggest influencers of the entire study abroad journey was, obviously, where I studied. I am a student, first and foremost, and so my classes not only dictated what I learned, but how and where I… Continue reading Attending a Foreign University

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Brazilian Body Image

I hope as you were scrolling down to this post you noticed the beautiful women in this picture above and you thought; "Damn, they're both so gorgeous and that's such a good picture" That's what I thought when I took it at least. I have always thought that as women, we are our own biggest… Continue reading Brazilian Body Image

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Belo Horizante and Inhotim: Brazilian Gems

Hey kids, This post has unrightfully been put on my back burner, for some reason never drawing on my inspiration even though Inhotim was actually one of my top highlights for my entire year abroad. But, here we are, when inspiration has struck and Belo Horizonte memories linger in my mind. This trip, taken with… Continue reading Belo Horizante and Inhotim: Brazilian Gems

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Brazilian Beach Culture

Beach culture in Brazil. This is a post I have been excited to write but have found myself putting off because of my inability to perfectly define the feel of the beaches here. Lately, I have gotten in the habit of walking 5 miles along the main strip/boardwalk/sidewalk that harbors thousands of natives and tourists… Continue reading Brazilian Beach Culture

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5 Films to Help Understand Brazilian Culture

Hey y'all! Hope you're all doing well. I've been very focused the last few weeks on applying to jobs and settling back into home. Not to make you all think I'm pining over Brazil, but I had this film post idea that was a bit out of the box for me, but still exciting so… Continue reading 5 Films to Help Understand Brazilian Culture

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A Guide to Brazilian Carnaval

Ah Carnaval, that magical time of the year that makes Rio one of the top destinations in the world. I've been so excited to return for this special event and experience the energy that sparks throughout the whole city! The "official" start date of carnaval is on the Friday before Lent begins, when the mayor… Continue reading A Guide to Brazilian Carnaval

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A Weekend Guide to Sao Paulo

Way back when in my first few months of Brazil, I had the awesome opportunity to go to the mega city of Sao Paulo for a weekend with my program after my intensive classes were complete. Technically it was "for free" but we all know it was indirectly paid for by my insane tuition fees.… Continue reading A Weekend Guide to Sao Paulo