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The Minneapolis Guide

Ah Minne, my home through and through. Though I've been living here for almost all of my life, I've noticed in the last few years a significant increase in Minnesotan pride and as I've traveled outside of the state and talked to other Americans, I can see that Minnesota truly possessed something unique apart from… Continue reading The Minneapolis Guide

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Notes on New England

Having a fair bit of time here in New England now, I feel that I finally have some merrit in writing this post. Although I have not experienced the optimal exploration seasons yet, I'm sure I will update you all on my adventures as they come. For now, let's just talk initial impressions. Amidst my… Continue reading Notes on New England

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Cultural Notes from an American Perspective

If you've seen literally anything from my blog, you know that I have been traveling around quite a bit lately. As I travel to corners of the world, its inevitable to pick up on cultural differences in each place, but I've also been challenged to think of the differences from a particularly American perspective. I… Continue reading Cultural Notes from an American Perspective