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A Jetsetting Love Story

Okay, first off hi everyone! Been missing you but life is throwing a lot of chaos at me at the moment so unfortunately, this blog has taken just a bit of a back seat. I promise as I settle into a new routine I will commit more to writing, both because I want to and… Continue reading A Jetsetting Love Story

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Thoughts on Moving

Hey everybody, Sorry I've been a little MIA lately but I've been in a bit of life transition as I started working part time at a retail store to fill my "in between" period of trying to find a Big Girl Job. Time is a bit more crunched now and between pouring into friendships, maintaining… Continue reading Thoughts on Moving

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Pro Packing Tips From An Overpacker’s Perspective

Packing, no matter how big or small, has the capacity to make or break a trip for you. Pack too much and you're stuck lugging around stuff you don't need and you'll end up resenting your bag and past self for thinking all this stuff was necessary, or pack too little and you're stuck having… Continue reading Pro Packing Tips From An Overpacker’s Perspective

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The Halfway Check-in: A Year Abroad

Hello everyone! Its been a while 😊 Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season like I did! Being home felt like slipping into my favorite pair of shoes, something so accustomed to my body and fit so well on me I didn’t even have to think twice about them. Besides adjusting to the weather,… Continue reading The Halfway Check-in: A Year Abroad

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On Learning a Language Abroad

Moving abroad for the first time and don't know the language in your new country? Picking up and doing it anyways? Yeah, that's what I did. And let me tell you, it's  uncomfortable as heck and will push you in so many ways at first but, feels so rewarding at the end of it all.… Continue reading On Learning a Language Abroad

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My Essential Carry-On Items For Any Trip

For the frequent traveler, knowing how to pack a carry on bag is essential and is a skill that I have had to refine over the years. In order to save you a future headache, I thought I would tell you about some of my essential items I can't live without when I fly. Earbuds… Continue reading My Essential Carry-On Items For Any Trip

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Living Abroad vs Traveling Abroad, 7 Things I’ve Noticed

For anyone that has traveled, you know that no matter where you go, you are inevitably pushed and changed from the unexpected that comes along with your trip. Even the best of us planners are bound to experience a missed flight or lost bag, and facing cultural shockers such as language barriers or extremely different… Continue reading Living Abroad vs Traveling Abroad, 7 Things I’ve Noticed