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Hello people of the world, my name is Monica and I’m happy to be the official creator of Treads!

Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota I am a natural snowbird and have just moved back home from a 10 month experience in Rio de Janeiro Brazil while I was participating in a study abroad experience. Throughout my trip, I’ve gotten the chance to explore other parts of South America, learn a new language, experience stark cultural differences, and also discover a heck of a lot about myself! I’m so happy to be here, writing and sharing my knowledge with you so that you can not only be inspired to travel, but also make your travel experience easier with my quick tips and itineraries. I don’t intend to stop traveling after this year (the next few trips are already in the works) so don’t worry, after this year is done, I’m not going anywhere! I want to go on this journey with you, so please, subscribe to this blog and let’s keep in touch *insert ten heart emojis*

I’m a recent college graduate from the University of Minnesota, but transferred in from Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Although I would love blogging to be my full-time job, we’re not there yet, so during the week I work in the communications sector of the food system, educating others about the power of food! I’m super passionate about changing the world, and often see myself doing that through food, because after all, its the thing that connects us all! I think that food is not only really powerful in terms of making social impact, but also in personal impact. For the most part I use only plant-based cosmetic products, and I rely on essential oils for little ailments I face (if you have questions about this, please don’t be shy to ask, I got the hookup for you). You literally are what you eat y’all 🙂 so be kind to yourselves!


Other things I’m passionate about are coffee, art, dance and books (the last of which I’m always looking for recommendations so if you’re a reader, drop me a DM). I love cuddling on the couch with my two Chihuahuas and tending to my garden or biking in the summertime. I’m saved by the King and breath every breath for Him. I think creativity is the heartbeat of the world and appreciate others who take creative risks to better the world! I’m constantly pushing myself to be a part of that group to share my voice and help others share theirs, so, if you are a part of a creative network, let me knowwww! I’m always down for a cup of coffee, photoshoot, or collab session!

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