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Unmissable Locations in Argentina

People often ask me what my favorite place I’ve traveled to has been, and although it’s a loaded question, I most often gravitate toward Argentina. Taking multiple passes through the country, I’ve been seen the many forms of Argentina from North to South in both city and country. Not only are the cities beautiful and rich in culture, but the land itself is the most breathtaking I’ve ever seen! The majority of the Patagonian region lies in Argentina, and let me tell you, I got teary eyed multiple times over the beauty of the landscape there.

Also! The food in Argentina is to die for, I would argue it’s the best in South America. Not only are they huge wine producers, but they are known for their high quality beef, and regions like Bariloche are renowned for their chocolate. I was very well fed my entire time there, which was a fact I very much appreciated especially since I was coming from my Brazilian home base. Overall, if I had to choose someplace to live in South America, Argentina would easily take the cake. Below I have compiled a list of my favorite spots that are simply unmissable when you are there. Hope you enjoy and let me know if I missed any of your existing favs if you’ve already been there!

Buenos Aires

The capital city of Argentina lies right at the Northeastern corner of the coast and is separated from Uruguay by only a river. I stayed here for four days and was so impressed by the architecture and artsy vibe of the city. Jam packed with history, I feel I learned a ton just being there. The people are kind, the Spanish is different, and the dancing is everywhere! If you go to BA soon, be prepared to dress up a bit for your nights out, there are often dress codes at the door you need to meet. For a full description of my time, please click here!


Wine country!!! My favorite part! Mendoza is the South American equivalent to Napa Valley, but with a special Argentinian twist. Incredible food, native ranchers, vineyards for miles, and an endless amount of high quality wine, I don’t see why anyone would ever want to leave Mendoza. I came across a traveler when I arrived in Patagonia and he said he spent double the amount of time in Mendoza than he was originally anticipating because it was just that good. For amazing visuals of the region, please visit this blog written by Stuart Goodwin.


Not visiting Iquazu Falls was my biggest regret during my time abroad. Although a bit expensive and out of the way, if you even slightly connect to nature, you really need to visit. Right on the boarder of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil, the falls represent the separation of the upper Iguazu and lower Iguazu river. For a better source of info, I really like this blog written by npreseault.


Bariloche was my first ever stop in Argentina and what an amazing welcome it was! From the second my plane landed I had an overwhelming sense of comfort, almost as though I was returning home even though I had never been there before. When the sun set, the sky lit up violet purple, and I treated myself to mushroom pasta, a personal bottle of Malbec, and a windy walk along the beach. For a ski town, Bariloche has a ton to offer all four seasons. To read about my three days here, click this link.

El Calafate

In the heart of Patagonia, El Calafate is the amazing glacier pictured above. With well-built raised pathways, the hike around the perimeter of the glacier is very easy and the view gets better from every angle. After about ten minutes of gazing open-mouthed at the giant ice block, I got to witness falling ice fractures and hear the loud cracking and creaking of the glacier at it slowly moved forward. It was truly incredible and something so unique I can’t compare it to any other experiences I’ve had. For details about where to stay and how together to the glacier, click here.

El Chalten

Similar to the Torres del Paine peak in Chile, El Chalten was one range in Patagonia I unfortunately did not get to see myself. If you aren’t down to cross boarders into Chile while you’re in Patagonia though, El Chalten promises the same incredible beauty found all along the southern region of the country. You could even make a road trip out of the last three places, starting in Bariloche, hiking El Chalten, then finishing south in El Calafate. For info on the El Chalten range, I loved this blog by Alice.

Argentina in one word is breathtaking. It’s a country you absolutely do not want to miss and is one you should actively seek out maximum time in. The longer you’re there the more surprises it offers, and more you will fall in love with it. If you’ve been, please leave a comment about your favorite part and, as always, if you want more don’t forget to follow this blog!

Much love people!


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