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A Jetsetting Love Story

Okay, first off hi everyone! Been missing you but life is throwing a lot of chaos at me at the moment so unfortunately, this blog has taken just a bit of a back seat. I promise as I settle into a new routine I will commit more to writing, both because I want to and you deserve it.

Let me tell you a crazy story that happened to me amidst the chaos.

So after just a week of living in Vermont and working overtime, I was already headed back to Minne for Thanksgiving because I got an entire week off due to the holiday (hello collective vacation!) Home was great, the food was awesome and I had a very enjoyable time overall coming back to visit, even though I had just left. On my last day, I got a little drunk with my friend and her extended family and went home feeling so loved and happy but did not feel that same way waking up at 4 in the morning the next day to catch my flight back to Boston. I get up with a fierce headache but get my shit together and get to the airport like a pro. I get myself some Starbucks and settle into my book before boarding. Once loaded on, I slide into my row of three and don’t really pay much attention to the guy next to me as I get my headphones out and take my jacket off.

Right before I plug in to my podcast and settle in for a nap, he turns and asks me “Was your seat 20A by chance?” and I reply politely “Yeah but they just switched it minutes ago, I was intending to sit here so it’s no big deal.” I turned away thinking that was going to be it, but instead, he strikes up a conversation and I find out he is a senior Physics major, well-traveled, very accomplished and quite handsome.

We talk the whole flight without pause.

At this point I’m thinking “Wow what a cool experience this is, I’ll for sure keep tabs on this guy and remember this experience” But then as he walks down with me to grab my bag and we still hadn’t stopped talking, we decide to go get my car and go into Boston proper for lunch. He lived in Boston for a short time so he recommended a Ramen place in a very cool part of town. He drove because Boston driving stressed me out and even though he was a bad driver, he really enjoyed getting behind a wheel again so I let him have it. We found parking instantly, which I took as a sign, and walked around a bit after we got our names on the waitlist of the Ramen restaurant. We made a point of touching one another as we walked, and in the moments we were facing each other, he stood close enough I could smell him. It was sunny outside and not too cold and there were plenty of people filling the sidewalks along the red brick townhouses and boutiques.

We laughed and talked about real things all in a very natural way just as we had been doing for hours. Even though I was still battling my hangover, pounding headache, and exhaustion, I just kind of forgot it all and let myself be in the moment. We got into the restaurant and sat and ate, although I really had zero appetite, I made an effort and put on a good face before I asked for a takeout box. As I was in the restroom, he paid and I made a point of saying “You really didn’t have to do that” and he just replied, “I believe there’s a way things should be done”. I just smiled and thanked him, then made a point to buy the ice cream afterward. By the time our meter was up we were driving back to the airport so he could catch his bus and I’m feeling like I’m dreaming. When we arrive at the drop-off point, I get out to open the trunk and he kisses me. And we continue to kiss. For several minutes. He even gets comfortable and sits on the base of my open trunk and we are both fully aware of the people gawking at us. Neither of us cares and we just continue making out as if they weren’t there. Normally, I am not the person to be overtly PDA, but not knowing the next time I would see this guy, I threw all hesitation to the wind and just let it happen.

I’m awestruck as I pull away at the insanity of what just happened. I met a perfect stranger this morning who turned out to be a guy I could seriously see myself dating. This shit only happens in movies! In a matter of hours my life changed and before I realized it, I was telling him I would see him in Maine soon. What?! When did I think of going to Maine? My fuzzy head just threw it out there in the heat of the moment and he agreed to it. So I guess I’m going to Maine soon! To see this handsome plane stranger who could be in my life for a while. Who I’m kinda hoping will be in my life for a while.

Enough crazy shit has happened to me at this point that I wouldn’t put it past God to have used this situation to totally transform my future. And I know that’s a lot to say after just a few hours, you might think I’m crazy, but the level of comfort and natural chemistry I had with him was unreal. He was so easy to talk to, our sense of humor was the same, we both valued similar things, not to mention he was so damn cute.

So, here is my life. Crazy as ever with a little extra insanity to top it off. I’ll for sure keep you guys updated on what happens, but regardless I think I could write a novel with this in the plot line. What do you think?


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