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Best Coffee Shops in Minneapolis- A Locals Guide

Since I’m back in Minne and autumn is in full swing, the only thing I seem to want to do is to sit in coffee shops and get some work done. Thankfully, the Twin Cities are host to some amazing cafes with every vibe to fit your mood. Follow my guide to the best coffee shops in Minneapolis and experience the Minnesota coffee scene like a local!

First off, let me boast a bit about our brand that’s making it big; Caribou. What started off as just a single coffee house, Caribou is now our Northern version of Starbucks. Hundreds of locations that feel like a cozy log cabin, Caribou delivers sweet drinks with a cozy ambiance and every time. Since the brand’s growth, they have now partnered with Einstein bagels for good food, developed their own merch line, and support state pride! All coffee beans are 100% rainforest alliance certified.

Spyhouse coffee is the super-hipster coffeeshop and roastery that has created major buzz in the cities. So much so that within only a few years they have already expanded to five different locations within the Twin Cities. Personally, I think the original is the best, located in North East in an old warehouse, you can smell the coffee roasting a block away. The amazing pastries are from another local bakery and here you’re guaranteed a quality made cup. Come here to collab on your next creative project, but be warned, the wifi is terrible!

The perfect place to work is hard to find, but for me, Dogwood is the place to go. Comfy chairs but sturdy tables with a design that’s minimal enough to not get you distracted, this is the place for me in the city. Like Spyhouse, Dogwood is also its own roaster and is served at Black Coffee and Waffle Bar which made it’s debut to the city six years ago. Now, Black has a bit of a basic feel, with groups of girls going for overpriced waffles just for the insta picture. Expect to wait if you go here.

A coffeehouse that’s near and dear to my heart is Penny’s on Washington. Singularly located, Penny’s is at the base of a skyscraper office building and has giant windows that let light stream in. I go here for photography shoots, catch-up dates, or a morning pitstop before heading into the city. Their lavender latte is great.

For food, The Copper Hen is unbeatable. Located in the arts district, this cafe is top notch ambiance with done-up food that will make you feel fancy from the inside out. Vegan-friendly, this is a great spot for brunch, drinks or anything in between.

Taraccino’s. Funny name, good coffee. A cozy atmosphere without the chained feeling and just the right touch of grunge to make it interesting. The feel matches the neighborhood and the coffee is actually good. Come here if you want something different.

Colossal Café is a hard one to beat when it comes to food. Very local, hearty and soulful Colossal will serve you up the biggest cinnamon roll you’ve seen in your life, the best breakfast burrito you’ll see this far North, and the most scrumptious apple brie pancakes if you need great hangover food. Multiple locations, but they’re small so get their early. This is the best intro to the cities.

If you’re like me and love coffee that comes from an ethical place, Peace Coffee is your new best friend. Organic, fair trade, shade grown, and full of flavor, I personally know the woman who does all the coffee buying and trust me, she knows what she’s doing. Also a celebratory company of the Bold North, they product local blends and are always represented at the State Fair. To read more on that click here.

Kindof a quick and dirty post, but there you have it. Of course, I’m missing 8,000 other amazing places because this city is like the Seattle of the midwest when it comes to coffee so don’t make me feel bad. If you’re from out of town however, this is a great start.

Hope everyone is keeping their lives together, I’m over here faking it till I make it (which will be soon!!!)





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