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Thoughts on Moving

Hey everybody,

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately but I’ve been in a bit of life transition as I started working part time at a retail store to fill my “in between” period of trying to find a Big Girl Job. Time is a bit more crunched now and between pouring into friendships, maintaining physical health, and staying inspired enough to write and post on social media has been tough.

Overall, I’ve been feeling great while spending time at home and have been transitioning back from Rio well. I really feel that it was this long dream, attached to time, but wholly outside of it as well. But now that I’m back to reality it seems sometimes to not have happened at all. I have been having small moments where I’ll think of a specific time or place and smile, drawing in the moment and experiencing the memory all over again. Over the course of my time abroad, I really learned the meaning of home and the fact that it is a feeling more than a location. Being here in Minne though, one can’t underestimate how good it feels to be wholly understood. Minne has blossomed in my heart and after much of God’s grace and time, I have really really learned to love it. Coming back is undoubtedly what I needed in order to transition well into this next phase of life.

With that being said however, I am pleased to announce that I have accepted a job with a healthy food startup company called Mama Sezz, based in Brattleboro, Vermont as a Content Creator and Media Specialist. I am thrilled to be in a professional environment that will cater to my area of expertise, offer me project-based creative outlets, and be team-oriented to focus on growth. It really is the culmination of all my other experiences, but now I’ll be getting paid for it which is kind of unreal to me.

All of a sudden now, things are moving very fast and I need to organize myself and my life out East. Finding a place to live, how to move my things, how everything will work is a bit exhausting and overwhelming. Thankfully, I have an amazing support system who lifts me up always and all of them are rooting for me and this opportunity. This move will be the least structured of all my uprooting because unlike applying for college or study abroad, nothing is set up for you. You don’t have one nice application with a start date, a one sum bill to pay, and an enormous support system built in to help you. You really get to decide and plan everything which is great or terrible depending on how you look at it.

Mainly, this post is just about moving and how sometimes its hard but also good. I’ve been feeling quite bittersweet about leaving because I know this job is honestly built for me, but in my mind I had wanted to stay in Minnesota for a while. I think I mainly didn’t want to go out of fear because I know what beautiful people I have here, and I’m afraid to lose them due to the pressures of distance. But, my true friends stick by me no matter what crazy shit I throw at them and for that, I love them even more. I’m not nervous about Vermont itself. I know once I get there God will provide for me just as he’s done the last three times. I’ll find friends and community, I’ll have a place to live and steady income, I’ll find things that I love and things that make it feel like home. I can create a new life no problem, I just don’t want my other life to suffer because of it. I have a feeling He timed it this way however because had I stayed in Minne for six months like I had in my mind, the uprooting might have even been harder because I would have set more of a routine. This is keeping me on my toes and reminding me that even when I left for Rio I had these same fears and insecurities but when I came back, all was the same. Good people don’t leave your life very easily.

A goal that I have during this move is to wholly trust in God’s provision and not try and control too much. I’m already stressed out by the logistics and financial prospect of moving but if I realize I’m not in control, my mind will process things better. I also want to be way more intentional about my home-based friendships. Both times leaving for Colorado and Rio I very much left my friends for a period of time until I was settled in, not necessarily ignoring them, but just not reaching out to them at all. And that’s not fair, especially if I’m concerned about home-based relationships. So for those friends reading, know that this is my pledge to you. Finally, I want to explore and do great work! What an opportunity this is! It’s my first career job and already I know I will travel and see new places I’ve never been before, how lucky I am! And, great news for you all too, because you know I’ll be writing about it along the way.

Keep up and don’t miss a beat!

Love you all, xoxo

Also, little side note, I’m super excited to decorate my new space with some projects I’ve been working on lately. If you want to see more, visit my new Etsy shop here, GingerCreamGoods, to check it out and support ya girl!


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